OpenTable API

This project provides an unofficial json API interface to search OpenTable restaurant data. It eliminates the need to download, parse and import data from XLS file.

Its an open-source project, hosted on Github.


Project Status

API Reference

Get data stats

GET /api/stats

Returns response:

  "countries": 20,
  "cities": 2700,
  "restaurants": 25000

List all cities

GET /api/cities

Returns response:

  "count": 1234,
  "cities": [
    "San Francisco",
    "New York"

Find restaurants

GET /api/restaurants

Parameters: (at least one required)

Returns response:

  "count": 521,
  "per_page": 25,
  "current_page": 1,
  "restaurants": [ ... ]

Find a single restaurant

GET /api/restaurants/:id

Returns a single restaurant record, see reference for details.

Data Reference

Restaurant attributes:

  "id": 55807,
  "name": "ALC Steaks (Austin Land & Cattle)",
  "address": "1205 N. Lamar Blvd",
  "city": "Austin",
  "state": "TX",
  "area": "Austin",
  "postal_code": "78703",
  "country": "US",
  "phone": "5124721813",
  "reserve_url": "",
  "mobile_reserve_url": ""

To generate a proper reservation link just ref parameter with your affiliate ID to reserve_url or mobile_reserve_url

Consuming API

You can use simple client library i wrote —


api =

# Find restaurants
resp = api.restaurants(:city => "Chicago")

# Process response
resp['count']       # => records found
resp['restaurants'] # => restaurant records

# Fetch a single record



Please DO NOT contact me about services and products not related to this project.


This software is distributed under MIT license